rehab130Dr. Rihab AlWotayan
Director of Primary Health Care Department
Ministry Of Health

Dr. Rihab AlWotayan is currently working as Director of Primary Health care Department in Ministry of health – Kuwait. She is dealing with Administrative legislations and Ministerial procedures. She is managing Primary Care setting by trying to find organizational approach to the management of conditions encountered in the PHC centers. She is coordinating care with other professionals in Primary Care and with other specialists. Mastering effective and appropriate care provision for health service utilization. Acting as advocate for patient requires, making appropriate services within the health care system. Now AlWotayan is working on GP-based experience program of learning in which education and services blended together for professional growth. Dr. Rihab Al Wotayan is responsible for different multiple programs within the PHC (General Practitioners Committee, Child Health care Program Committee, Diabetes Care Program Committee) in which each program has training courses, clinical practice guidelines and updated protocols. Dr. Rihab AlWotayan is a Family Medicine Consultant has been working in the Primary Health care center for several years. She is a Board Certified Trainer & Examiner in Family Medicine training program (since 2005). She has maternal & Child Health Fellowship (McGill University). Dr. AlWotayan is dealing with diabetic strategies and training course in collaboration with Dasman Diabetic Institute. She is also an active member in the National Committee for Non-communicable diseases since (2012).

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