nagat130Dr Nagat F El-Hag
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Dubai Hospital
Dubai Health Authority
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Nagat F ElHag is a senior clinical psychologist at Dubai Hospital, Dubai Health Authority.  She holds a doctorate and master’s degrees in clinical psychology from The Ohio State University, USA and a post-doctoral fellowship in health/pediatric psychology from The Ohio State University Medical School and Nationwide Hospital.  Dr. Nagat is licensed with Dubai Health Authority and with the State of Ohio Board of Psychology, USA.

In the past, Dr. Nagat has served in several clinical and educational capacities providing psychological and behavioral interventions to diverse groups of patients.  Currently, Dr. Nagat works with a predominately medical population, both adults and children. Areas of interest to Dr. Nagat include adjusting to chronic and terminal illness, adherence to medical and lifestyle regimens, communication in the medical setting, provision of psychosocial care to patients and families, and training multidisciplinary teams on the psychological aspects of health, illness, and illness management.

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