fariborzDr. Fariborz Bagheri
Consultant Urologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Acting Head of Urology Department
DHA, Dubai Hospital
Acting President
Emirates Urological Society (EUS)
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri is a Consultant Urologist and Head of Urology Department in Dubai Hospital affiliated to Dubai Health Authority. He has graduated from Medical University of Pecs in Hungary in 1994 and has gained fellowship training in advanced laparoscopic urological procedures from Austria. Dr. Bagheri has been one of the pioneers urologist performing advanced laparoscopic operations in Hungary. His main interest in urology is Laparoscopic procedures, Endourology, and management of Kidney Tumor, and Female Urology in which he has multiple publications in peer-reviewed indexed journals. Dr. Bagheri has joined Urology Department at Dubai Hospital in October 2010 and has been elected as a Board Member and Head of Scientific Section of Emirates Urological Society (EUS) in January 2013.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in a primary care setting worldwide, accounting for approximately 7 million office visits annually. These infections affect all ages and both sexes, with the highest prevalence in women. Meanwhile, inappropriate treatment of UTIs has resulted in serious resistance which has emerged as an important determinant of mortality in many patients. The key to proper management of the UTI depends on the correct diagnosis and pharmacologic agent. Other variables to consider when treating UTIs are uropathogen resistance patterns, patient population, and duration of therapy to name a few. In this presentation, an evidence-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of UTIs will be discussed.

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