Ali140Dr. Ali Singel
Consultant Dermatologist and Laser
Director of Medical Services
Dubai Police
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Singel is a board-certified medical doctor who is highly-qualified with over 15 years’ experience in dermatology. He earned his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in Ireland in 1997. Dr. Singel continued to train in dermatology, laser and phototherapy before working in various hospitals throughout the UK, under several experts and pioneers in the most-advanced treatment of skin disease. He is also a specialist in anti-aging medicine.
Dr. Singel – who is a Fellow of Harvard Medical School – holds several post-graduate degrees from the UK including DDsc (Diploma in Dermatological Sciences), MSc (Masters in Dermatological Sciences) and MD (Doctor of Medicine).
He is a well-known lecturer in dermatology and laser procedures, was involved in research and training and is Head of the Dubai Police Health Center, has been presented with numerous medical awards and has been honoured by the Government of the UAE for his contributions to medicine.

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